Good Intentions

My mother used to talk about a certain path to a very hot place being paved with good intentions. For the longest time, I thought having an intention was useless, that it didn't mean much at all. However, when I had children of my own I came to understand what it means to be well … Continue reading Good Intentions

Who Comes First, Parents or Kids?

Theresa is fourteen-years old and a cynic.  Her mom has been “working on herself” for as long as Theresa can remember and she is sick of hearing about it.  Every time they try to talk about what is going on at school or in her life with her friends, the conversation always seems to turn … Continue reading Who Comes First, Parents or Kids?

Playground Antics—I love watching children out on the playground…

I love watching children out on the playground this time of year.  I always find it fascinating to try to determine their various energetic types by watching them at play.  Of course most primary aged children are in the “fire stage” of development, so they play collaboratively and competitively.  Their actions always have fiery overtones, … Continue reading Playground Antics—I love watching children out on the playground…

The Joys of Parenting

Parenting is an amazing and wondrous experience.  Yes, there are patches that test the best of us, but overall, the joys are many.  If you go to work every day focusing only on how hard the day is going to be, how overwhelmed and unprepared you feel, you are likely to have some pretty bad … Continue reading The Joys of Parenting


It feels good to be back!  After 8 days of camping in the redwoods, sleeping in a tent and otherwise roughing it, my bed has never felt so good.  I'm not an avid camper.  I just participate in this get-away each year in order to socialize with extended family.  There is always an adjustment period, … Continue reading Home