Hyper, Angry or Just Plain Destructive?

I watched as Jesse fidgeted at the art table.  I offered him some tools with which to draw and he chose the colored chalk.  A few moments later, I stepped across the room to grab a game and in that 30 second period, Jesse managed to tear some big holes in the paper and draw … Continue reading Hyper, Angry or Just Plain Destructive?

Boys & the Developmental Stage of Fire

Sonja is a conscientious mother.  She spent a lot of time prior to having children educating herself about the responsibilities of parenting.  She entered motherhood with a very high level of commitment to her spouse, her children and the world at large.  Her youngest child, Stephen, is nine-years old and in the "fire" stage of … Continue reading Boys & the Developmental Stage of Fire

Too Much Fire

Sarah is sixteen-years old and angry.  Fiery by nature, she lacks the balancing energies of water or air.  This can happen when the toddler stage is difficult and attended to poorly.  Sarah is unable to proceed comfortably through her current energetic stage because she lacks the foundation necessary to do so.  Relationships are very difficult.  … Continue reading Too Much Fire