Winds of Change

Change is hard.  My family and I just finished moving into a new home and even though this home is great and exactly what we have been looking for, it’s been stressful.  Even positive changes produce stress.  Each of us has our own unique way of dealing with life’s unexpected challenges.  One family member withdraws … Continue reading Winds of Change

Rites of Passage

My twelve-year old son visited the orthodontist this week and now has a full set of braces.  My heart jumps every time I see his metal smile, for it seems my little boy is disappearing.  I didn't realize what an affect this metal hardware would have on me.  I had no idea that a dental … Continue reading Rites of Passage

Listening or Not Listening

I have often heard parents chiding their children about "not listening."  This seems to be one of those universal issues that we all experience.  Children easily become absorbed in their world of play or exploration, and with this focus, seem to lose the ability to hear us.  Teachers have to remind children to put down … Continue reading Listening or Not Listening

Family Lifestyles

Leslie quickly stuffed her backpack with clothes and then grabbed her doll as she headed out the door.  She was having an overnight at her friend, Lisa's house.  They had been friends for about three years now, but had never had an overnight.  She was excited.  Having shared many meals and spent many evenings together, … Continue reading Family Lifestyles