Role Playing Games

School mural composite revised 11 03 2015We just completed our Role Playing Game (RPG) Week and it was an epic success. Here’s a call out to a few of the AMAZING RPG that we were privileged to play this week. First, #Minecraft: Story Mode, a refreshing new way to interact with the Minecraft themes everyone loves, this RPG felt new and challenged everyone. The many adventures provided lots of opportunities to make choices and experience the natural consequences of those choices. Second, #Stardew Valley, a farming RPG that EVERYONE loved was by far the most popular game of the week. Our Widgetarians are still farming, creating connections with the town folk and trying to keep conglomerates from disrupting their simple lives. #Epistory, a typing RPG, simultaneously improves keyboarding skills and gives the players an ingame experience that is similar to League of Legends or World of Warcraft. You have to type correctly and quickly to open the next portal, fight the dragon or move forward on your map. Of course we played a bit of #Pokemon and performed a couple of skits, but mostly we reveled in the experience of imagination and role playing. It’s that experience of pretend that helps prepare us for adulthood and we LOVE it!

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