Help! My kid knows more than I do and I’m scared…

It’s much more common than you think. You are not alone. Parents everywhere are struggling to keep up with their children in math, science and the digital arts. This may be the first generation where parents don’t know better or more. How could we possibly know more when everything is moving so quickly? Learning is now an exponential process and no longer linear.

So what to do when your child is talking about how to scale the picture correctly or use function keys to unlock the frozen screen and you have no idea what they just said? What do you do when your child is beginning algebra in 4th grade and needs help with common core concepts? You smile and pause. You take a deep breath and relax in the knowledge that your child really does have a leg up on you. We want our kids to have more, be smarter and live more easily than we have done, right? Be grateful for this day.

Remind yourself that it’s never too late to learn. How better to connect with your “little Einstein” than to ask them for help, or better yet “google” help together. As Paula Prober recently posted in Your Rainforest Mind, “It’s never too late to be your gifted self.” You might just discover that you CAN keep up with your kids and grandkids. You are quicker and smarter than you knew!

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