Playground Antics—I love watching children out on the playground…

I love watching children out on the playground this time of year.  I always find it fascinating to try to determine their various energetic types by watching them at play.  Of course most primary aged children are in the “fire stage” of development, so they play collaboratively and competitively.  Their actions always have fiery overtones, … Continue reading Playground Antics—I love watching children out on the playground…


I’ve received some comments from parents of late, related to my blog on “Old School Parenting.”  There are those who have interpreted my account of this story as judgment around “spanking.”  People attached to spanking, remember with fondness their own childhoods where such techniques were employed.  They feel convicted that this is the “right” way … Continue reading Spanking

How to Eliminate “You Promised!”

A common phrase typical of most children is the phrase, “You promised!”  Obviously they figured out early on that adults don’t always mean what they say.  “You promised,” is an attempt to hold the giants in their lives accountable for their words.  Children are wonderful mirrors and often imply that a promise was made even … Continue reading How to Eliminate “You Promised!”

New Baby, New Mom

Sharon shoves the jeans back on the store shelving and rocks the stroller back and forth absentmindedly as she saunters toward the clearance rack.  Muffled cries turn to frantic sobs as the red-faced infant in the stroller waves her arms and kicks.  Uncomfortable, the baby lies in soiled diapers that are cold and chafing.  After … Continue reading New Baby, New Mom

Tired of Arguing—Winds of Change

My youngest son is growing up.  From the braces on his teeth, to the bangs that hang in his eyes, to the tight leg jeans with the little “sag” in the tush, it is obvious to me that my little boy is gone.  He has been replaced by a cool and nonchalant almost13 year-old, who … Continue reading Tired of Arguing—Winds of Change

The No Homework Zone

HOMEWORK!  For some parents, the mere sound of the word strikes terror to the heart, for they remember past years filled with procrastination, lost assignments, more procrastination and conferences with teacher.  Gone are the tranquil, Norman Rockwell evenings of summer.  Replaced, instead, by evenings filled with diplomatic negotiations and familial stand-offs.  If you are a … Continue reading The No Homework Zone

Good Cop—Bad Cop Parents

I have to admit that I am one of those people who like to watch a good cop show, on occasion.  I enjoy the mindless pleasure of trying to figure out “who dunnit.”  I watch the good cop/bad cop strategies unfold and smile when they catch the “bad guys.”  One place that I do not … Continue reading Good Cop—Bad Cop Parents

Cyber Bullies or Cyber Friends?

Alex typed fast and furiously, cheeks pink, his labored breathing almost matching the rhythm of his fingers on the keyboard.  He was upset.  He and his best friend had just posted a video  on “You Tube.”  They were very proud of their masterpiece and expected to receive rave reviews from thousands of viewers.  Imagine their … Continue reading Cyber Bullies or Cyber Friends?

Old School Parenting

I’m always somewhat startled when I happen upon a parent/child interaction that is reminiscent of my own childhood.  So far removed do I feel from the days of old where, “I’ll give you something to cry about,” was a common family phrase, that it almost feels like I’m remembering someone else’s life.  Yet, try as … Continue reading Old School Parenting

Energetic Styles at Home

Mary is a successful business woman whose life is hectic and intense.  She balances her time between a demanding career as an attorney, two children, a spouse and community commitments.  She wakes up to the smell of coffee every day and pours herself a big mug before she even enters the shower.  Mary has a … Continue reading Energetic Styles at Home