School Violence, A Bomb Threat at our Middle School

I heard the news a couple of days ago.  One of our local middle schools received a bomb threat for today, September 20th.  Although all of the school officials are certain it is just a hoax, nine chances out of ten just the misdirected energy of youth, they still must take every precaution.  Our society is filled with high energy, hyper sensitive children. We all know that these children are internally wired for the technologically advanced age in which they find themselves.  At very young ages our children are computing, texting, programming our cellular phones, videographing and playing fast paced video or computer games.  It is understandable to me that violence has increased, for our parenting and educational systems have not kept pace. 

Babies arrive today who do not have the same sleep requirements of previous generations; our toddlers are hyper sensitive, hyperactive, powerhouses of energy.  New parents find it difficult to bond with and occupy these children.  Exhaustion sets in.  Left unmet, the early energetic needs of these children turn to frustration, depression and overwhelm.  Lacking the maturity necessary to channel their energetic or emotional needs, violence begins to emerge.  By the time these kids reach elementary school, their fiery energy is channeled inward as depression or outward as aggression.  Lacking the basic skills needed to express themselves in healthy ways during the airy stage of middle school, they resort to destructive forms of expression–violence erupts!  So sad…  As I look at the clock to see if school has started, I send up a little prayer of protection for the students and teachers at Cal Young.  I tell myself that it is not too late.  We can still change the tide.  Our children are for the most part resilient, aren’t they?

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