Energetic Types and Illness

Carla didn’t feel well.  Her throat was scratchy, her back ached and she felt cold.  She curled up in her blankets, trying to get warm.  When mom came in to get her up for school she knew right away that Carla was sick.  Sitting on the edge of the bed, mom began rubbing her back.  “Tell me where you feel bad, sweetie,” momma crooned.  Carla pulled away, scooting across the bed toward the wall.

“I just feel sick,” she whined.  “Don’t touch me!”

Two days later, Carla’s brother, Danny, contracted the same scratchy throat, achy joints and fever.  When mom stopped by his room before school, he reached out as she walked across the room.  “Come sit with me,” he wailed.  “Rub my back, mommy.  I’m so sick.”

Two children, two very different reactions…..  Carla is fiery by nature and needs to feel a sense of control.  Illness for her, is irritating and overwhelming.  She doesn’t want to be rubbed, or talked to, or babied.  She just wants to get better and get better NOW.  Danny, on the other hand, is more touchy feely, characteristic of a water type.  He needs to feel connected and craves physical and emotional connection.

Differences that we find endearing during the course of a normal day, can become irritating and stressful when illness rears its head.  Reviewing the characteristics of each energy type, can help.  We’ll soon be starting a new school year with all its accompanying viruses.  Providing your child with what they need energetically when they are sick will make the recovery process easier for everyone.

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